Family road trips are a great and often inexpensive way to spend vacation time with your children. However, they can also be immensely aggravating for the entire family when your children start to get bored and restless. As an avid road warrior and a parent of three young children, I've been through numerous ups-and-downs while traveling by car. As a result, I've mentally developed a lot of "lessons learned" when it comes to hitting the highway. Here are a few of my tips for helping parents and kids survive - and enjoy - a great road trip.

Leather handbags for the long weekend has evolved into a large tote. It is not so big as a duffel bag and it does not look as sporty, either. The weekend tote has just enough room to fit a couple of outfits that travel well and a small toiletries case. The weekend tote can be made of a durable canvas or a leather bags material but it never looks as sporty and large as a duffel that might be taken camping or for your son's soccer match. Airplane Handbags have to be a bit smaller and should just be used for necessities and your bikini and sunscreen just in case you get to the hotel and your room is ready but you still want to go swimming. Leave the other vacation essentials for your carry on. Work bags can double as brief cases.


Get each child an age-appropriate activity book and pens/pencils/crayons. Coloring books are great for toddlers, older children may like multi-game books, and teenagers often enjoy crossword puzzles or Sudoku (at least, if they're trapped in a car without a phone or game console)! With smaller children, it's a good idea to limit their time with crayons and pencils though; don't let them get so bored that they start drawing on the inside of your car!

Lightweight large duffel bags are perfect for kid's luggage. It is small in storage and rich in colors. Kid's luggage includes backpack for schooling, and kid's large duffel bag for an overnight trip.


You could opt for a large duffel bag or a large soft carry bag with a shoulder strap. If you just want to keep your stuff together and be able to move it around this may be all you need. A large duffle bags with pockets can hold a lot of items so you could put more stuff away but it can be awkward to carry if full of many odd shaped and hard objects.

Put up a QuickShade by myself outside store. District supervisor has insisted that putting this up over exercise equipment wheeled and dragged outside drives sales. Pinch fingers liberally and cuss loudly as a female customer bombards me in spanglish demanding to know why I don't have any navy baseball belts in stock and where might I be hiding them as there is no way we could possibly not have these since she needs one so as she needs one so badly can I just stop playing games and get the belt for her that I am so cruelly hiding?


In my last year with my junior high school team, we won the league championship. It was extra special because the Bruins won the Stanley Cup that year. It seemed like the greatest time to be a hockey fan in Boston. I can vividly recall the bus rides back home from the games. The music was blasting, the guys were singing and we were all talking about yet another win. Even the practices were fun. We had late night practices in a rink with a roof but no walls. January and February practices at 1:00 or 2:00AM were brutally cold, but none of us felt it. We loved what we were doing.

When it comes to electronics, there's nothing better than colorful cases, sleeves or covers. At Vera Bradley you can find a wide range of accessories such as the Neoprene Laptop Case, the Snap On Case for your tablet and also Frame Cases for your smartphone.

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